As you may be aware, big changes are occurring at Kreamer Feed and BJE Contract. We wanted to take this opportunity to share with you some of these. We also wanted to assure our customers that you will continue to receive the same quality, friendly service that you have since our father started the business in 1947.

On June 15th, Bob Buehler joined Kreamer Feed as our new General Manager. Bob will be taking over the day to day operations of Kreamer Feed. The Robinson Family (George, Bill, Edward, and Julie) remain the sole owners of the company. Billy Robinson will be stepping away from the feed side of the business and working more with BJE Farms and BJE Contracting operations. Julie will be stepping away from her sales duties and take over the Human Resource functions for the companies. She will continue to oversee the technology needs of the companies. Ed will no longer be managing our trucking fleet. He will continue his duties at Kreamer Automotive Service and working with BJE Farms and BJE Contracting operations. George will continue as the Chairman of the Board for Kreamer Feed, Inc.

As a family planning for future succession, we have decided that it would be better to have one person at the helm. We feel that Bob is the person that will help take Kreamer Feed to the next level to secure the future for our employees, growers, and ourselves.

Bob Buehler, General ManagerBob has over 25 years experience in the feed industry in management and sales. Graduating from Virginia Tech with a Master’s Degree in Animal Nutrition, Bob started his career in sales with Ralston Purina. Following Purina, he joined Southern States Cooperative in Richmond, VA as a product manager and held many positions in sales and marketing management for the cooperative. Bob then joined Pennfield Feeds in Lancaster as a Sales Manager where he later went on to become the Senior VP of the Feed Division. Bob continued his career by joining Spherix, Inc. in Beltsville, MD as Business Manager of the their fly larvacide product division. In 2003, Bob joined Hubbard Feeds as Operations Manager of the Selma, NC plant which was his position before coming to Kreamer Feed.

Other management team members will remain in their current positions with Kreamer Feed. Some job duties have shifted but all the old faces are here. Karen will remain as the controller, Keith will continue as the Director of Milling Operations with Andy Wagner as the Mill Manager. Keith and Andy will oversee the milling and fleet operations for Kreamer Feed.

Michael Watkins, Director of Poultry Operations
Michael Watkins, Director of Poultry OperationsWe are also pleased to announce another change for BJE Contract. Michael Watkins has been promoted to the position of Director of Poultry Operations. Mike now oversees all poultry grow out operations. We are sure that Mike will be an excellent asset to the management team and that you will enjoy working with him. Mike’s service team is made up of the following service persons: Emily Brown, turkeys; Ken Garber, organic broilers; Amy Klick, pullets, layers, and breeders; Dave Petroski, guineas and meat birds; and Dale Smeltz, organic layers.

Mike is a 1990 graduate of Penn State. Mike has almost 20 years of live production experience. He began his career with Empire Kosher and spent fourteen years with their company. He worked for three years with Perdue Farms and has been with BJE Contract for the past two years. He resides in Liverpool, PA.

BJE staff is growing this year. Three new faces that you may have seen (or spoken with) are Keith Flanders, Emily Brown, and Brad Dressler. Keith Flanders comes to us with years of grow out experience with Empire Kosher. Keith has been learning Sandy’s job as she hopes to retire later this year. If you haven’t already spoken with Keith, I’m sure you will soon. Emily Brown joined BJE on June 22nd. Emily will be working with our turkey program part-time. She comes to us from New Oxford Foods, which was formerly the Pilgrims Pride’s Pennsylvania turkey complex. Emily resides in Mill Creek, PA. Brad Dressler is a college student from the Selinsgrove Area. This is his second year as an intern. He is working for BJE Farm this summer accessing fan efficiencies and airflow in our poultry houses. We hope that his project will help our growers find ways to improve their cash flow by saving energy on the farm.

Our family and our employees look forward to years of service to you and your families. We assure you that as we transition our businesses for future growth, you will continue to receive the commitment to service and integrity that we have always provided. If you have further questions or concerns, please call our management team either at Kreamer Feed or BJE. We are happy to serve you.


The Robinson Family
William and Edward Robinson, Owners