Kreamer Feed takes great pride in that fact that their quality control program exceeds FDA and PDA regulations and works proactively rather than reactively. Their ingredients and feed are continually monitored with at-the-door testing in both on-site and third-party laboratories. Their commercial facility is certified and successfully audited against USDA Organic, Pennsylvania Certified Organic, HAACP, and Safe Feed/Safe Food standards so that they can confidentially market their product as premium.


Kreamer Feed continuously reinvests in their plant and equipment to improve processes and capabilities. Recent investments include:

  • New, steel ingredient bins
  • Addition of 9,000 square-foot warehouses with four new truck-loading docks
  • Addition of semi-automated small-bag production line
  • Upgrading the conventional mill’s roller mill and mash cleaner
  • Adding a 75 HP air compressor to handle current and future equipment upgrades
  • Replaced loadout bins in conventional feed mill that increased feed storage by 152 tons
  • Updating bagged feed production with electronic scales, bag hangers, tag placers, and a robotic stacker, shown below.

Kreamer Feed has the capacity to produce and deliver more than 250,000 tons per year of specialized feeds. With almost eight decades of experience and a staff of knowledgeable professionals, they offer an array of services to meet the demands of their customers and animal species. Their technical staff is capable of recommending the proper diet to improve the health of your animals, regardless of the species, and can design a feed program to your request. Kreamer Feed provides you with the quality you expect for your animals, whether they are pets or high-performance.