KREAMER, PA—Kreamer Feed and Nature’s Best Organic Feeds welcome Staci Loop to the team this month as Livestock Nutritionist and Organic Product Manager in their Organic Sales Department.

“With increased regulations and the need for greater food safety in the feed industry, Staci will focus on quality control at both the organic and conventional feed mills and will assist with targeting HACCP certification in the organic mill, over the next year,” says Bob Buehler, General Manager at Kreamer Feed. “We also increased distribution of Nature’s Best Organic bag feed nationwide, so Staci will be responding to the need for more new organic feed bag products in different regions of the United States.”

Loop, originally from Pennsylvania, has earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in animal and nutritional sciences from West Virginia University. While there, she completed many graduate projects researching poultry and feed. Loop was both a teaching and graduate research assistant, giving her great exposure to the poultry feed and agricultural industries.

In her new role, Loop will be responsible for achieving annual organic certification for the organic feed mill and all organic feeds, evaluating new ingredients for the feeds, developing new organic feed products, reviewing and recommending direction on all organic matters, and assisting the quality control team with the quality assurance program and implementing their policies. Loop plans to attend various meetings throughout the year to stay up-to-date on industry standards and procedures.

Kreamer Feed, established in 1947, is a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of livestock feeds. With the development of Nature’s Best Organic Feeds, Kreamer Feed is now a distributor of certified organic livestock feed. Family owned and operated, the company is looking to expand their sales across the United States and worldwide. Visit and to learn more.