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According to the Non-GMO Project, “genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are living organisms whose genetic material has been artificially manipulated in a laboratory through genetic engineering. This creates combinations of plant, animal, bacteria, and virus genes that do not occur in nature. ” All organic products are non-GMO, but Non-GMO can mean organic or non-organic!

We Believe:

  • Everyone has a right to know what is in their food and deserves access to non-GMO choices.
  • Everyone deserves an informed choice about whether or not to consume genetically modified organisms.

If Non-GMO is right for you, check out our freshly-mixed non-GMO feeds!

Non-GMO Project Verified is North America’s most trusted seal for GMO-avoidance and only third-party verification for non-GMO food and products! All of Kreamer Feed’s Blue Ribbon Freshly Mixed Feeds are Non-GMO Project Verified.


For any questions, please contact Info@BlueRibbonNonGMO.com